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Fair-ly Knits is our idea of the perfect beanie:


Made from 100% Merino wool from Australia, RWS certified

Spun and dyed in a sustainable factory in Zhangjagang (China), Blue Sign certified

Manufactured in a fair and ecological way in Poland (Europe)

Completely biodegradable - even the labels are made from organic cotton

Photographed in the streets of Pula in Croatia - real people, real sizes, no photoshop

For an affordable price

Packaging made from 100% recycled paper

With free worldwide shipping

Available in four colours - unisex - one size fits most

1% of our sales go to Greenpeace, who is on a mission to detox fashion


No secrets, full transparency. Contact us here if you have more questions.

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Factory in Łódź, Poland

Factory in Łódź, Poland