From Hong Kong

From Hong Kong

Grana stands for one simple thing: quality for all. This is the ideal that informs everything that they do and everything they aspire to.

Each step of their process aims to disrupt the status quo of the apparel industry, to bring you the best of the best, without the inflated prices – it’s who they are.

They’ve made it their mission to travel the world in search of finest fabrics and they’re relentless in their quest to bring these home to you. From the wilds of Inner Mongolia, to the valleys of Peru – they go there. They go everywhere.

They value quality and craftsmanship, and work hard to deliver a concisely edited wardrobe of classic silhouettes and perennial favourites. They want to make pieces you’ll wear again and again, that find a home in your wardrobe for a good time and a long time.

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