From Vietnam

From Vietnam

When Ophélie arrived in Vietnam, she had the chance to spend some time travelling by bike throughout the country. She was seeking inspiration, discovery, and adventure. At the border of China, she came across several minority groups living in the mountains and instantly she fell in love with their openness; kindness; simplicity; generosity and spirit.

She was also taken by the stunning, traditional textiles of these people. These ethnic fabrics were simply beautiful. The way they were woven with an old weaving loom and then embroidered was very impressive. She could have stayed sat for hours - just watching them work. A new passion had definitely begun.

She kept on with her exploration of Vietnam – a search to discover other tribal communities. Working with various ethnic villages, she decided to set up a new responsible clothing brand that incorporates colourful ethnic textiles into contemporary and elegant designs. LEIZUU was born.

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