From Canada

From Canada

It is a widely held belief that the garment manufacturing industry is oppressive and irresponsible. Not only does Tentree believe that they are capable of changing this; they believe that it is their responsibility to do so. To make a broad sweeping statement that tentree will avoid all international production is to accept that there are issues that cannot be fixed. Instead, they work to change the apparel industry through transparency, dedication, and diligence.

Tentree works to promote fair labour practices and safe working conditions throughout the supply chain. They only work with socially and environmentally responsible factories that are WRAP approved, agree to yearly unannounced audits, and abide their code of ethics.

Tentree's primary focus has always been the planting of trees. To date, they have planted enough trees to provide thousands of days of employment, remove a remarkable amount of pollution from the atmosphere, and restore tens of thousands of acres of land. 

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