Zero Waste Daniel

From the United States

From the United States

The mission of Zero Waste Daniel is to tackle wasteful fashion industry norms by providing customers with kick-ass zero waste alternatives to conventional fashion. 

Zero Waste Daniel is the first company making 100% zero waste clothes. Thanks to Daniel Silverstein’s ReRoll technique, they make unique yet affordable fashion pieces by applying the art of sewing to the scraps that abound due to fashion industry’s wasteful practices. By reimagining sewing, they have also reinvented fabric.

They provide zero waste ReRoll fabrics to those, companies and individuals alike, who join their quest for innovation, sustainability, and justice. All Zero Waste Daniel products are unisex. And, needless to say, their labor practices withstand scrutiny, as you can witness by visiting the Zero Waste Daniel make/shop in Brooklyn, New York, where all their production takes place. 

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